The Beacon Leadership Development Programme

The Beacon Scholarship is a programme to grow and deliver 'Change-makers'. What this means in practice is that Beacon Scholars must:

(a) show the capacity to 'take people with them'; and

(b) be able to make a difference now, not at some later point in time.


Alongside facilitating access into world-class schools and universities for gifted and talented children, The Beacon Equity Trust has developed a unique Leadership Development Programme made up of 3 components:

A. Leadership development in schools, universities;

B. Performance monitoring against the four Beacon Leadership criteria;

C. Leadership Workshops held during holiday time.



A. Leadership development in schools, universities

To the extent possible, our educational Partners have agreed to enable Beacon Scholars, while at school/university, to test their leadership skills with opportunities for direct responsibility over teams and small groups of people.


B. Performance monitoring against leadership criteria

Candidates for The Beacon Scholarship are selected on the basis of the following leadership criteria:

  1. Academic performance
  2. Achievement in sport, music, drama
  3. Social influence and communication
  4. Citizenship and service

Once they have been awarded a Beacon Scholarship, Scholars are required to meet their Mentors at least 4 times in each academic year to set and review targets against the four leadership criteria. Target Sheets are submitted by Mentors to The Beacon Equity Trust and regularly reviewed. They are a key input into the annual renewal decision for continuing a Beacon Scholarship.

For an example of a full year Target Sheet click here.


C. Leadership Workshops 

Every academic year, during holiday time, three Leadership Workshops are held for Beacon Scholars (click here for current year dates).

In February: the Workshop focus is on Personal Leadership Skills. A bespoke template for delivering leadership training for young people has been created in 5 key skillsets:

  1. Public Speaking
  2. Negotiation Skills
  3. Lateral Thinking & Creativity
  4. Self-management & Motivation
  5. Emotional Intelligence

Every year, in February, the Personal Leadership Skills Workshop focuses on one of these skillsets, in rotational sequence.


In April: the Workshop focus is on Teamwork. A local Outdoors Education specialist has been contracted to supply 4 sessions of hands-on outdoor training exercises, developed specially for young people:

  1. Understanding Teamwork and Leadership
  2. Building a Team
  3. Improving Team Performance
  4. Empowering a Team

Each year, in April, the Teamwork Leadership Skills Workshop focuses on one of the sessions, in rotational sequence.

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In July/August: Scholars are required to undertake a service-led 'Citizenship Project' in the community. This could range from working in a Children's Home to educating young people about clean water (for examples of projects click here). Scholars then write a short report about their project and present it to other Scholars and the Beacon Community during a Leadership Symposium at the end of the summer.

The focus of the August Symposium is on developing an understanding of ethical leadership through direct involvement in a service project. A Community Leader is invited to make a Keynote Speech followed by the Citizenship Project Presentations by each Beacon Scholar.


Attendance at all Leadership Workshops is compulsory for Beacon Scholars. The days are structured to encourage Scholars to interact and learn from one another, as well as gain insights from sources outside their normal home and school/university environment.