Beacon University 3The vision for the Beacon Scholarship for University is to provide access to top international universities for talented Kenyan, Tanzanian and Ugandan students who in the future would have the confidence and ability to become leaders in their chosen fields.


Which Course 3The Beacon Equity Trust has built key Partnerships to offer The Beacon Scholarship at two world-class universities. Students should be clear on the course of study they wish to pursue before they apply, and can apply to any partner university where the course of study they have chosen is available.


Beacon Process 3There are three distinct processes that underpin The Beacon Scholarship for University: The Initial Award, Ongoing Monitoring of Performance and Scholarship Renewal.



In order for a candidate to qualify for The Beacon Scholarship for University, they and their parents must demonstrate financial need and undertake full and complete financial disclosure.


Parental Commitment 3

The parent/ guardian commitment is more than financial.  Parents must become an active part of the team educating a Beacon Scholar at a university offered through the Beacon Partnerships.


Renewal 3

The Beacon Scholar must apply annually for the renewal of the Scholarship - not later than the Closing Date for Scholarship Continuation.  The application will be reviewed by the Beacon Equity Trust in the light of the Award Acceptance Form  signed by the Scholar and their parents.


Register to download a Nomination Form which must be completed by the Head of your current secondary school. Registration is an indication of interest only, and is confidential. No details will be shared with third parties until a full Beacon Scholarship Application Form is formally submitted.

Registration Form


Generally, there will be a maximum of one new Beacon Scholarship available each year at a Beacon Partner University. Beacon Scholars will continue to be supported for each subsequent year of their undergraduate education, subject to performance.

It is unlikely that there will be more than 3 Beacon Scholars in a Beacon Partner University at any given time.

Current Partner Universities             

Existing Scholars 2019-2020

Scholarships Available 2019-2020

University of Bristol 1 1
University of Cambridge 3 1
Cardiff University 1 1
London School of Economics         2 1
University of Surrey 1 1