The Beacon Equity Trust is an educational charity, founded in 2009, whose principal activity is to support the operation of The Beacon Scholarship. It is privately funded and presently operates in the UK and East Africa.

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“The aim is that eventually a Beacon Changemaker will make a real difference to their country’s development by attaining a significant leadership position, from which they can positively impact the lives of many others. We aim for a multiplier effect: rather than investing in educating thousands, we educate a handful of exceptional young people with real leadership potential who will, in turn, influence thousands through their actions.”

The Beacon Equity Trust

The Beacon Equity Trust is a limited company registered in England and Wales No. 06952392 and is a UK registered charity No. 1132994.

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All Beacon Equity Trust Trustees, Staff, Contractors, Away and Home Country Mentors are required to review, agree to, and sign the BET Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy. To review a copy of this policy please click on the link below:


As part of developing its Theory of Change, the Beacon commissioned a literature review to validate the assumptions behind the four key 'interventions' in its Leadership Development Programme, viz:

  1. Identifying leadership potential in young people who have financial need and providing scholarships to enable  them to access world-class schools and universities.
  2. Matching each scholar with a faculty or professional mentor to help develop their leadership potential.
  3. Coaching scholars on how to set goals and targets and monitor their own performance using the Beacon Target Sheet.
  4. Conducting leadership workshops and overseeing summer community service projects.

These interventions have evolved organically, as the Beacon seeks to fulfil its mission of developing a group of ethical ‘change-makers’ who have a multiplier effect to generate positive social change.

The research goes some way towards validating the Beacon’s holistic approach to leadership development in young people. This is a very condensed Summary:


We begin to develop Scholars at age 13 because starting leadership development young takes advantage of a ‘sensitive period’ in formative growth; as one gains confidence in one’s efficacy as a leader, a ‘snowball effect’ occurs and more leadership opportunities are taken on.

We provide scholarships to leading schools and universities because attending high quality educational institutions is strongly correlated with increased career opportunities and outcomes for graduates.

We match each scholar with an individual mentor because well-designed mentorship programmes have been shown to be effective for ‘improving outcomes across behavioural, social, emotional, and academic domains of young people’s development’.

We emphasize individual goal-setting via our Beacon Target Sheet because self-setting goals that emphasize personal growth has been found to improve academic and career outcomes, without compromising intrinsic motivation.   

We require Scholars to conduct summer service projects because experiential learning is important to youth development, and service-learning has been shown to increase students’ self-concept, political engagement, and attitudes toward out-groups

Donations to The Beacon Equity Trust

Public donations are accepted by The Beacon Equity Trust, principally into its Hardship Fund.

The Beacon Hardship Fund has been set up to provide a source of emergency funds for current or prospective Beacon Scholars. Under the standard Beacon model, parents/sponsors/guardians of Beacon Scholars fund one third of educational fees. The Hardship Fund allows for back-up support for this one third share, in cases of financial distress. 

Donations can be made to The Beacon Hardship Fund via Virgin Money Giving by clicking on the button below:

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

Scholars and Scholarship Candidates who wish to obtain funding from the Beacon Hardship Fund must first complete an Application for Financial Assistance to which they will be directed, or sent in appropriate circumstances. 

Donations by The Beacon Equity Trust

The Beacon Equity Trust has occasionally made donations to support other educational causes, but this is a very small part of its activities and we regret that we are not able to respond to unsolicited applications for funding.


Our strategy has developed organically, but has been driven by a process built to deliver our vision. To understand this process we have developed a 'Theory of Change'.

What is a Theory of Change?

A Theory of Change is a tool used by development organizations to show how a programme seeks to achieve its overall objective. It is generally viewed as a model that implies causality, suggesting that each level of the model is causally related to the next. Specific causal links are indicated by arrows.

There are five levels in a standard Theory of Change:

  1. Inputs: the resources required to run the programme
  2. Activities: the specific interventions offered by the programme
  3. Outputs: the immediate (measurable) results of the programme’s activities
  4. Outcomes: the intermediate benefits resulting from the programme’s activities
  5. Impact: the long-term social goal the programme is contributing to

A Theory of Change model helps to clarify, in a succinct way, the internal logic of a given programme, from the resources it will need, through the activities it will run, all the way to the impact it seeks to have on society. It is a living model that can adapt over time to changing contexts or to discoveries made by the programme as it grows and develops.

The model presented here is intended to be purely descriptive of the Beacon’s current programme, as opposed to prescriptive or aspirational regarding what it should or could be. 


Beacon Theory of Change

Theory of Change


Accompanying the Theory of Change we commissioned 'Validating Research' of the Beacon programme. View a Summary.

To review each of our interventions in more detail please click on the links below, or in the tabs in the yellow menu bar at the bottom of each page:





Scholars and their parents are asked to provide feedback on their Scholarship Continuation (ie Renewal) Forms annually on how The Beacon Scholarship has helped them.

Here is the most recent feedback:


The Beacon Scholarship for Schools

 The Beacon Scholarship for University

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