Alexa Ouma

Alexa LargeAttending University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada, studying Mechanical Engineering. Alexa was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May 2017, and was a Beacon Scholar at secondary school for 4 years.

At school, Alexa was an active participant in several sports, in debating, and in mentoring students for online TedX events; she was appointed Deputy Head Girl and Prefect in her final year.

Her passion for Science led her to form the Women in Science Club at school, encouraging girls to continue in STEM subjects, and mentoring them on their STEM journey. The Club will continue as the school even after Alexa has graduated.

Alexa has a strong service ethic and has long supported the Empowerment through Education charity; she has been involved with school renovation projects and since COVID, has further provided local schools with online learning resources for STEM subjects.

Alexa was a valued Beacon scholar who was a strong and positive presence at Beacon workshops and events.