Shakinar Mutulili

Shakinar LargeAttending Pomona College in California, USA, studying Public Policy Analysis and Law. Shakinar was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2018, and was a Beacon Scholar at secondary school for 3 years.

She was always very active with EAMUN and was the first Secretary-General to take it online, where she led virtual classrooms, ran mock debates and mentored other students. She is a keen swimmer and cyclist, setting herself many challenging personal fitness goals; and she was appointed a School Prefect in her final year. 

She co-founded Freedom Within, a project campaigning to improve conditions in women's prisons in Kenya, and continues to run its Instagram page. Her student service was recognised by the Association of International Schools in Kenya when she won a Student Service Leader award.

Shakinar was always a positive and thoughtful contributor at Beacon workshops and events.