Alexa Ouma

Alexa Large16 years old, attending Brookhouse Secondary School, Nairobi. Alexa was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May 2017.

Alexa is a top-level student. She puts maximum effort into everything that she does and was given the Effort Award for Year 11. She was rewarded with very good igcse results: 4A*, 4A, 1B. She also won the school’s Award for Best in IGCSE Geography.

Alexa played in the U17 Basketball team, was Co-Captain of the U17 Football team, got an MVP Award for U19 Interschool Netball and was in the IH Athletics. As well as being Stage Manager for the Dream Girls production, where she was praised by the Director, she sang in the massed choir, and participated in the IH Choral Verse Speaking Competition. She was elected Class Leader for her Yr 11 class. She gave a motivating TEDX talk, encouraging young people to conquer their dreams. She took part in International Day festivities, preparing Congolese food and organising a dance. She further organised study groups for fellow students, sharing her knowledge to help them fulfil their potential.

Alexa helped raise money by contributing to a Bake Sale in aid of Hog Charge. She took part in a plastic bottle drive at school and, continuing her personal commitment to bring Arts Education to the children of Seed Academy, she has worked with one particular student there, nurturing his talents in art, dance and music, in the hope he will pass these on to others.

Alexa's father is a small business owner, and her mother has been a social worker

Beacon Workshop Participation

Alexa's 2019 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about renovating the buildings of Seed Academy, a school in Kibera

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At Leadership Workshops, Alexa is actively involved, has good social skills and energises the group. She is an enthusiastic, positive influence with a good command of language. For her Citizenship Project presentation she gave a confident, passionate talk.