Amy Migunda

2021 Amy large219 years old, attending the University of Cambridge, UK. Amy was awarded a Beacon Scholarship for University in May 2020, and held a Beacon Schools Scholarship from 2016 to 2019.

Amy is studying towards a BA in Natural Sciences at Trinity College. She had a challenging first year, including one whole term done remotely due to COVID-19. She attended essay-writing workshops as advised and completed her academic commitments for the year. This year has been a steep learning curve for Amy as she adjusted to a new style of studying at Cambridge.

Amy has played as Goal Defence and Centre for the Trinity College Netball Team this year, attending regular training. She continued to train at home 3-4 times a week during lockdown. Amy has practised her Swahili by listening to Kenyan radio and by using Duolingo.

She has mentored Year 13 students from St Andrew’s, Turi to help them with their university applications. She joined the African Society and attended a session by an ecologist. Amy is awaiting a response for an application to join the African Cambridge Society Mentoring Programme, so that she can further develop her mentoring skills.

Amy has found it difficult to set up volunteering opportunities in the UK this year due to COVID-19, and she prioritised her academic studies over finding a way around government restrictions in this field.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Amy's 2021 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about raising funds for a startup company called 'Skika Afrika'. 

In Leadership Workshops, she makes good contributions to discussions and presents well. She is a critical thinker and her vocal projection has improved during the year.