Angel Mailu

Angel Mailu Large15 years old, attending Peponi School, Nairobi. Angel was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May 2016.

Angel began the year well, achieving As and Bs in her first term and high effort grades. Although her second term report and end of year exams showed a drop in grades, she managed to achieve her target of 80% in her recent Collections (fortnightly assessments). She has exerted herself, and put effort into her studies.

She has been involved in the Model United Nations (MUN), helping to write a resolution for a school-held mini-conference. She presented a drama skit in class, gaining an A grade for her performance. Although there were no interschool competitions due to COVID-19, Angel represented her house in interhouse netball and choir.

Angel supported and helped to organise her house’s netball team for interhouse netball competition. She was group leader for her Swahili and English class projects and also for her expedition to Mt Kilimambogo where her group summitted. This awarded her a Presidential Award Certificate, allowed her to show her resilience and built her confidence.

She was involved in a cleaning-up activity at Elyton Junior School. She volunteered at Magodo Children’s home and donated and distributed clothes and food. Angel also mobilised friends to help teach children how to make wash basins from empty jerry cans, fix taps to enable them to have clean water, and the importance of washing hands.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Angel's 2021 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about teaching women in Mukuru and Kiambio to make soap to generate income.

In Leadership Workshops, she strives to participate, and is willing to be heard. Angel answers questions well, is confident and shows resilience and persistence.