Anne Arum

2021 Anne large21 years old, attending University of Surrey, UK. Anne was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2018.

Anne is studying towards a BSc in Economics and Maths. During her Placement Year at Sony she has acquired both technical and soft skills and has enjoyed working in a team to create a concise tax guide for Sony. She was accepted onto the Financial Conduct Authority’s summer internship scheme but was unable to take it up due to a clash with her work at Sony.

Anne has maintained her fitness by attending the gym four times a week when open, and by practising yoga at home. She goes hiking every two weeks and is aiming to complete the Three Peaks Challenge. She has also recently taken up tennis. Anne has kept in touch with her University Department by acting as the Economics Course Rep and attending meetings.

She has been a Unibuddy ambassador, making herself available 24/7 to other international students for advice and she has been accepted as Peer Support Ambassador next year. Anne has published a twice monthly blog about being an international student, and in particular about her Placement journey. She has increased her LinkedIn contacts.

Anne is creating a Revive the Green e-booklet to support Kenyan farmers and encourage environmental awareness in school children.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Anne's 2021 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was based at the Queen's Arms Community Fridge in Reading, UK where she volunteered over the summer.

In Leadership Workshops, she is eloquent, succinct and confident. Anne is also able to build a bigger picture.