Areeg Emarah

Areeg Emarah Large21 years old, attending the University of Cambridge, UK. Areeg was awarded a Beacon Scholarship for University in May 2017.

Areeg found her second year challenging and achieved a II.2 in her second year results. She worked hard all year, taking extra supervisions and practice papers. She is managing the stress which comes with being a high achiever; this may have impacted her exams. Areeg is interning this year at image processing company Spectral Edge in the Bradfield Centre, Cambridge Science Park. She also tried out many activities including photography, participating in the #cambridgeuk12 initiative and the 24HourProject that documents 1 day in a city. Her team’s ‘MQuill’ project won a place in the Regional Finals for EMEA of Microsoft’s “Imagine” cup for students, and generated interest in a pilot study for her app from a University of Amsterdam professor.

Areeg works hard to improve access to the university, especially for students from Africa, and to promote her subject. She worked with Target Oxbridge, was Access Officer for the Engineering Society, and was Trinity’s Overseas Welfare Officer, running International Freshers Week. She has also persuaded Trinity to make Halal food available to students. She has continued her work with May Week Alternative (MWA) and this project has expanded to 200 participants, raising £35,000 for the fight against malaria. She has taken part in the Trinity Ambassador scheme and will be helping at the summer residentials.

Areeg's father is a lecturer in plastic surgery, also volunteering his time to 'Smile Train', a charity focused on cleft lip and palate surgeries; her mother is a Consultant Dermatologist. Both have focused their professional lives on improving lives in the Eldoret area of Kenya.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Areeg's 2019 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project focused on the very successful second year of May Week Alternative at Cambridge.

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At Leadership Workshops, Areeg is an enthusiastic and positive member of any team. She takes a leadership role with a gently assertive manner, using her interpersonal skills in putting forward her ideas.