Awuor Onguru

Awuor Large17 years old, attending International School of Kenya (ISK), Nairobi. Awuor was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2015. 

Awuor worked hard this year to improve her academic grades and did well to achieve mostly 6 and 7, including a 7 in French – a subject in which she has struggled. She has a good work ethic and achieved all E and M for Habits of Learning (Exceeding and Meeting Expectations).

Awuor is a dynamo in the Arts. She won Best Musician at ISK; played Miranda in The Tempest; submitted 8 works of writing to Interlochen Review; had poetry published in an online journal; and was awarded full scholarships by 2 US bodies to attend Young Writers Workshops. She represented ISK in shotput, and was vice captain for Varsity Hockey Team. She is keen to engender a new, positive mindset among students at ISK, including more engagement outside the classroom. As leader, for the 2nd year running, of the ISK National Honours Society and of ARTSCO, she organised a Christmas cookie decorating activity, a spirit week for the high school community, and a surprise fun event for Grade 11’s.

Awuor has worked very effectively for Ghetto Classics Orchestra, organising a benefit concert at ISK and a dinner dance for parents. These raised $5000 for the Orchestra and also helped forge a long-lasting relationship between the ISK community and the Art Of Music foundation. She also organised a staff appreciation week in May.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Awuor's 2019 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project continued her work with Ghetto Classics. She successfully forged a link between her school and the work of Ghetto Classics to sustain her project going forward

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At Leadership Workshops, Awuor comes to events full of energy and enthusiasm, keen to participate and learn, and unafraid to ask questions. She is a confident presenter, and a people person with great communication skills.