Bathyah Nkunda

Bathyah Nkunda large17 years old, attending International School of Uganda in Kampala, Uganda. Bathyah was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2021.

This year has been one of transition to the Diploma Programme. Bathyah has risen to this challenge by being hard-working and organised in her approach and plans to continue this effort to secure further grade progress in the coming year. She is noted as a reflective learner with a flair for language. Bathyah set herself the target of trying as many new activities as possible this year. From brushstroke painting to debate and football club, she has embraced many co-curricular opportunities at school. She has been committed to practising and improving her football skills and is now confident enough to try out for the football team next year.

Bathyah is an effective champion for projects close to her heart: she joined the New Building Development Team in order to create a Lego room at school; she has organised socials with the student council and has led change within the UGMUN: her positive leadership was noted as a key factor in improving the UGMUN experience for her peers.

An active citizen, Bathyah has spread the net wide this year in looking for projects to get involved in and has no doubt developed a clearer idea as to the kinds of projects she would like to support. She has continued to work on her biogas projects as part of her Green Club activities.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Bathya’s 2022 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about helping Ugandan secondary school students in the sub-counties of Ndejje, Lweza and Kitende to continue with higher education, by executing wellbeing workshops and buddy/mentor programmes to aid the development of their mental and emotional wellbeing.

In Leadership Workshops, Bathyah has performed well and has shown that she can be articulate and efficient in her communication.