Evance Henrico

Evances Enrico Large19 years old, attending Haven of Peace Academy in Dar es Salaam. Evance was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2018.

In 2018/19, Evance  made a good start at HOPAC and  achieved 1's for effort in all subjects. He is a dedicated student, who takes the initiative to do extra practice to further his understanding; he received an Academy Award for Excellence in Geography.His AS grades in August were not quite what he hoped for, but it is expected that these will improve over the course of the next academic year as he works towards his final A2's.

Evance joined the football and swimming teams, attending all the practices and improving his stamina and technique. He applied to and was accepted on to the photography team and has made excellent progress, covering campus events and managing files. He did well to achieve Gold Standard in the Duke of Edinburgh Award for young people.

Evance started several study groups, in particular helping fellow students with their Geography. He showed great potential as a leader, interacting with different groups of people, beyond his peer group, when giving talks on environmental matters; he was selected as a club leader for the Zero Waste Club. He taught ICT, Art and Science at the local Primary School; and initiated a 'youthstorytime' social media campaign, helping to inspire and connect youth in Tanzania, especially those who have dropped out of school; he posts twice a week on Instagram, and has nearly 300 followers to date.

Evance's father is an engineer and his mother is a teacher.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Evance's 2019 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about Global Warming and how to communicate awareness of it locally.

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At Leadership Workshops, Evance showed great integrity and sense of ethics, ready to stand alone for what he believes in. He has a strong sense of team spirit, wanting all to benefit.