Gloria Tergat

Gloria Tergat Large19 years old, attending London School of Economics, UK. Gloria was awarded a Beacon Scholarship for School in March 2013, and for University in June 2018.

Gloria worked hard last year to overcome the challenges of settling into a new country and into university life; both are big changes and she found them unsettling. Despite this, she achieved an average of a 2(i) in her first year results - a good start to her studies at LSE. She made an effort to attend extra talks such as the LSE Africa summit to broaden her knowledge. She took a very active part in the Afro Caribbean Society (ACS) Cultural Show in March. She helped with the choreography and participated in several of the dance routines, including a solo. She has also attended the gym and boxing and fitness classes over the year.

Gloria applied for and was appointed 1st year Social Policy Rep on Student and Staff Liaison Committee. She created Whatsapp groupchat for SP students to collect complaints and feedback. She campaigned for and was voted in as ACS Social Events Officer and has started planning for Freshers Week and the International Freshers events.

Gloria had some difficulty finding volunteering opportunities in London, but she is now signed up with the Oasis Foundation for next year. For her summer project, she aims to deepen her work with the girls in Tuum, Samburu by launching a mentorship programme, ‘The Nomadic Girl’ project.

Gloria's father is a retired athlete and army officer; her mother runs a small business

Beacon Workshop Participation

Gloria's Summer 2018 Beacon Citizenship Project continued her work from last year, as part of an Outreach Programme to Samburu, focused on the empowerment of girls and young women. Her 2019 Project is still a work-in-progress.

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At Leadership Workshops, Gloria is an attentive participant who asks excellent questions. When presenting she is confident and has good body language. She is learning how to focus on speaking more clearly and slowly.