Godwill Alendro

Godwill Allendro Large

19 years old, attending Cardiff University, UK.  Godwill was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2019.

Alendro is studying towards an LLB in Law at Cardiff University. Alendro is from Uganda and achieved UACE (Ugandan A-Level) grades ABB (CRE, Economics and History).

Alendro attended St Mary’s College Kisubi and was Headprefect there. He has been Chairperson of the Uganda Students’ Association, Wakiso District, and in 2017 Alendro was the 6th best Debater at the Athens Global Round of the World Scholars’ Cup; he was also active at school in rugby, theatre and choir.

While at school Alendro initiated a personal mentorship programme where he mentored the worst-behaved boys and helped them change for the better. He often mediated in disputes, particularly between different age groups, and in cases of bullying. His motivation for studying Law is to be able to help others, who cannot help themselves, to get the justice they deserve.

For his citizenship activities Alendro joined Steps to Zero, an affiliate of 3C Children Caring about Cancer; Steps to Zero uses social media to campaign and create awareness about cancer among the young. He has also used his debating skills to offer training in Debating to local schools in his village.

Alendro is supported by his Mother, who works for Mediair in South Sudan, and his Uncle who works for Healthlink South Sudan, a non-profit.

Beacon Workshop Participation

AlendroAs a new Beacon Scholar, Godwill was invited to speak about a service activity at the Beacon Leadership Symposium 2019. He talked about how, with a friend, he conducted training sessions in debate at several secondary schools for students in his home district. Going forward, he and his friend intend to invite the Uganda Debating Society to provide further training, with the hope that eventually the students from the district can compete in country-wide debates on a level playing field.