Godwill Alendro

Godwill Alendro Large 121 years old, attending Cardiff University, UK. Alendro was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2019.

Alendro is studying towards an LLB in Law. He has attended events for barristers this year to gain as much experience and knowledge as possible. He initially struggled with online study, but this improved with better time management.

He has begun to teach himself the piano using an online programme and attended the gym regularly when it was available under COVID-19 restrictions. Alendro also ran over 50km in total during the second term.

Alendro has been a Resident Life Assistant, helping other students make the most of their time at university, and he persuaded other Beacon Scholars to do this too. He carried out a Beacon Outreach Project in Uganda to recruit new applicants, and created a podcast on mental health. Alendro also mentored a Beacon Scholar to become a University Law Review Editor.

He is a member of the university Volunteering Society and has applied to become a legal assistant for Living with Asperger’s next year. Alendro has also networked with professionals for his Beacon Citizenship Project CareerXP, and some of them have offered to mentor students in the future.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Alendro's 2021 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about CareerXP, a joint project with Wise Musinguzi, also a Beacon Scholar from Uganda.

In Leadership Workshops, Alendro is a good communicator as well as mature and confident.