Irene Githatu

2021 Irene large17 years old, attending Greensteds International School, Nakuru, Kenya. Irene was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2019.

Irene has made a positive start to her A-level courses, scoring consistently high grades across the year and achieving 3As and 1B in her AS-levels. She has been an exceptional student, attending academic clinics to supplement her learning, showing resilience and contributing actively to her lessons.

In co-curricular activities, Irene represented her house in school sports day in various track events, coming first in the high jump; she also represented her house in swimming and music competitions, including singing a solo in the choir. She was goalkeeper of the hockey team and narrator in the school play. She is learning Grade 5 violin, plays in the school band and is leader of the string ensemble.

Irene has been House Sports Captain, taking a lead organising interhouse competitions and motivating others to achieve increased participation in house and school events. She has used social media to influence others to participate in social causes and has supported Yr 6 students as they prepare for their primary exams, recruiting other students to help. For her citizenship activities, Irene has participated in Naivasha Home fundraising and played the violin at Christmas concerts to raise awareness of the less fortunate in society.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Irene's 2022 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project focused on increasing access to books for the children of Israel Faith Children’s Home, Nakuru.

In Leadership Workshops, Irene is an effective group leader who is active in chat, gives insightful contributions and helpful comments. She had the confidence to pitch an alternative idea to the team, which was selected.