Mirengeri Diallo

Mirengeri Large 16 years old, attending International School of Tanganyika, Dar es Salaam. Mirengeri was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2018.

With a positive and conscientious attitude, Mirengeri contributes well in class and should be proud of her achievements this year. Her final grades were 7/8  (8 is highest score) in all but two subjects, and in these she attained her targets for improvement. She was awarded a scholarship to attend the Yale Young Global Scholars program in the summer.

Mirengeri is a member of the Jazz Band and has continued to practise and improve her clarinet playing. She has also learnt 15 songs for the ukulele. She participated in the High School play in November and the Pantomime at Dar Little Theatre in December. She gained a place in the IST basketball travel team, although unfortunately was unable to play.

As Secretary of the Student Council this year, Mirengeri competed for, and achieved, the position of President for next year. As STEM Team Captain she led her team to 2nd place at the STEM International Competition. She was awarded the Dawn Carlson Award for strong community, academic and extra-curricular involvement.

Always looking for ways to make a difference, Mirengeri helped with the Ignite Festival; led the CAS Amnesty International project  organising the writing of over 300 letters of solidarity for human rights; organised and gave a speech at IST Environmental Sit In; and is now working to become an Ambassador for Spectraverse, a student-led organisation aiming to provide job opportunities for people with disabilities. 

Mirengeri’s father is a project director with a local company and her mother is a lawyer.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Mirengeri's 2019 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about starting a new NGO for disabled people in Tanzania.

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At Leadership Workshops, Mirengeri participates strongly and is bold, intelligent and a risk taker,. She makes valuable contributions contributing to others' learning and understanding.