Mushabe Rutega

Mushabe Large 15 years old, attending UWC East Africa, Moshi. Mushabe was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2018.

In 2018/19, Mushabe made a good start at ISM and is an enthusiastic student. He achieved 6/7 (7 is the higheest score) in all but one of his exams and mainly 6s and 7s in his semester results. He worked hard and was awarded seven out of nine Excellent and Good effort grades.

Mushabe achieved his target of becoming more involved in at least 3 sports: volleyball, where he made a positive impact on the team at Sports Weekend, basketball and badminton. He restarted learning the trumpet and found the practical side of drama interesting.

Mushabe is his Class Representative on the Student Council and has begun to take on a more involved role as he gains confidence. He is an active participant in the class service, working with the younger boys. He formed a study group to help his friends who were struggling with Maths concepts. As Class Representative, Mushabe has volunteered for more responsibility in organising events and has become more involved with the Kili Orphanage service project as the year has progressed. 

Beacon Workshop Participation

For his 2019 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project Mushage helped improve sanitation and hygiene in a nearby village.

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At Leadership Workshops, Mushabe is a good listener, with excellent command of language, and is working on engage more with others. He is learning how to project himself, take risks and take the lead.