Naikena Mutulili

Naikena Large

18 years old, attending Cardiff University, UK. Naikena was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2018.

Naikena is very well-organised in her approach to her academic work. She worked hard in her 1st year and achieved excellent results, a 1st in both her mid-year and end of year modules - a very positive start to the course.

Naikena has joined the Afro Caribbean Society and performed in their showcase. She has joined a netball team and a Gospel choir and has signed up to play violin in Cardiff Orchestra next year. She was active on the BIOSCI student team and is now the point of contact for all 3 year groups on the BIOSCI campus. She campaigned and attended Staff/Student meetings. She has also trained as a student mentor and is about to take on her first mentees.

Naikena maintained involvement in the FreedomWithinKenya project (for children born and raised in prison), using social media to keep current and future donors up to date, although she could not be involved hands-on during the year. In Cardiff, she was accepted to join AIESEC and ran marketing stalls to attract potential exchange participants.

Naikena’s mother is a freelance speaker, trainer and consultant.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Naikena's 2019 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was a Food Drive for babies of women held in Thika Women's Prison. It was done with her sister Shakinar, also a Beacon Scholar.

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At Leadership Workshops, Naikena made excellent contributions. She is not afraid to volunteer her opinions and is learning to learn to defend her ideas when challenged. She makes insightful comments and asks intelligent questions.