Nicole Jean-Louis

Nicole Large18 years old, attending the University of Bristol, UK. Nicole was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May 2019.

Nicole is studying towards a BSc in Education Studies, having achieved ABB in Sociology, History, English in her A-Levels. She was Head Girl at St Andrew’s Senior School & College, and is described by her School Head as a tenacious intellectual thinker who is capable of exceptional organisation while also striving for academic brilliance.

Nicole has been on a Sports Scholarship at St Andrew’s. She is in school teams for Hockey, Netball and Rounders. She also plays in the Nakuru (local town) Women’s Hockey Team and fundraises to support the team. She has achieved Grade 5 Music Theory.

As a Leader in the Round Square Conference, Nicole facilitated outstanding group discussions with the delegates. Her election as Head Girl is a testament to her popularity; she has led school assemblies with humility and confidence. She has also been extensively involvement in school charity and Round Square committees, and volunteers at several NGOs including Dandelion Africa and New Life International. She has Impressive thoughts on education policies and systems in Kenya.

Nicole’s father is a General Manager of a transport company, and her mother is a teacher.

Beacon Workshop Participation


As a new Beacon Scholar, Nicole was invited to speak about a service activity at the Beacon Leadership Symposium 2019. She spoke about two volunteering experiences: the first, at New Life Africa where she taught every afternoon focusing on creativity through the use of story telling, and creating fun lessons that diverged from the curricula. The second, where she borrowed school sporting equipment and structured P.E lessons for  children at Mary Mount Primary School.