Ryan Mbai

Ryan Mbai Large118 years old, attending the university of Bristol, UK. Ryan was awarded a Beacon scholarship in May 2020.

Ryan is studying towards a BSc in Finance. He achieved high percentages in the bi-weekly tests related to his course and a First in all modules except one. Ryan had 100% attendance for all lectures and academic activities and kept up-to-date with coursework and revision. He secured a summer internship in Nairobi with Kuramo Capital Management.

He joined two football teams at Bristol, the East African Society (EASOC) and Hall Intramural and also regularly engaged in home calisthenics exercises. Ryan watched 4 Masterclasses on how to produce, mix and master hip hop music and 20 on meditation and mindfulness, and practised these skills weekly.

Ryan has completed the 4 skills development activities on ‘job interview and selection process’ for the Bristol Plus Employability Award. He attended virtual Black and Minorty Ethnic (BME) events to understand and gain tips on how to overcome challenges faced by minorities, and was elected as Events Representative for the East African Society.

He was unable to volunteer in Bristol due to COVID-19 restrictions and being out of the country for most of the year. 

Beacon Workshop Participation

Ryan's 2021 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about supporting students at Kaluni Primary School by collecting stationery and clothing on their behalf .

In Leadership Workshops, he gives intelligent answers, is passionate about his beliefs and is audible as well as articulate.