Santayian Kantai

2021 Santayian large20 years old, attending Imperial College London, UK. Santayian was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May 2019.

Santayian is studying towards a BSc in Medical Biosciences. Santayian achieved a 2.1 overall this year, with a 1st in her coursework module in term 2. She also led a team of four fellow students on a multi-disciplinary project to design a mobile app for tackling food waste. She did well to secure a 14-week work placement with Sapphire Medical Foundation for her third year.

The hiking trips that Santayian had planned for this year did not take place due to COVID-19, but instead she has been on long walks with friends and has devised her own regular work-out routine. 

As President of the East African Society (EASOC), Santayian set up a mentor scheme for 1st year students and organised social activities in collaboration with regional EASOC’s to ensure that members felt connected with a wider community. She is an online Biology tutor and a Wiser Academy Ambassador, promoting companies’ schemes on campus.

For her Beacon citizenship projects, Santayian has focussed on the special needs community in Nairobi. Her work has been recognised and part-funded by Imperial College.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Santayian's 2021 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about creating an online guide to support parents and caregivers of special needs children in partnership with an organisation called T21.

In Leadership Workshops, she is showing increased confidence, making positive and engaging contributions.