Shakinar Mutulili

Shakinar Large16 years old, attending Brookhouse Secondary School in Nairobi. Shakinar was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2018.

Shakinar is an extremely hardworking and conscientious student. Almost all her effort and attainment grades are Excellent, and her hard work was rewarded with her achieving 5 A* and 4A at igcse. She also completed three AEPs, receiving an Award for Exceptional Academic Extension Programme in English.

Shakinar has actively participated in EAMUN, where she was promoted on merit from Senior Chair to Deputy Secretary General. She finished her Bronze level President’s Award, and participated in the Silver expedition, and helped the Rhino Club Debate team to 2nd place, helped front of house with the play, joined the swim team and performed at talent night. She participated as host at the TEDX conference, and gave speeches to parents about the World Scholars’ Cup and coached and mentored the scholars taking part. She helped MUN Junior Chair students successfully pass their exams; read to children several times a week, and helped a Nairobi Academy student with their Chemistry and Biology; and organised collecting diapers for the children of women in Thika Prison, speaking in Assembly about the project. She worked with students from several schools to paint the prison, deliver diapers and donations of soap and baby oil. She took part in a Hog Charge fundraiser, was part of the Rhino Charge group and led a citizen service project.

Shakinar’s mother is a freelance speaker, trainer and consultant. 

Beacon Workshop Participation

Shakinar's 2019 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was a Food Drive for babies of women held in Thika Women's Prison. It was done with her sister Naikena, also a Beacon Scholar, currently at university.

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At Leadership Workshops, Shakinar is always actively engaged. She is a good contributor, energetic and enthusiastic and a positive influence. She expresses herself clearly and gets on well with people.