Trevor Ntutu

Trevor Ntutu Large20 years old, attending University of Bristol, UK. Trevor was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2018.

Trevor struggled at first to adjust to a totally new environment, but has adapted and learnt self-discipline and time management skills. He has found his course very challenging and, despite focused hard work, did not quite make all the required grades, needing to re-sit the exams for two modules.

Trevor has joined and sung with a Gospel choir. He has also kept working on his piano playing, in spite of all the other distractions of university life. He has been to open Basketball training sessions. He was elected Year Rep for his Aeronautical course, and has now joined the East Africa Society, where he will be Events Rep next year. He became a STEM ambassador and visited a British Primary School during the year, talking to 10-11 year olds. He is taking this STEM ambassador work forward into his summer citizenship project, working with girl’s schools in Nairobi. Trevor has also visited a local hospital in Bristol during the year to talk to recovering mental health patients.

Trevor’s father is a pilot and his mother is a business consultant.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Trevor's 2019 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project focused on Women in Stem.

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At Leadership Workshops, Trevor has a very considered approach. He has a warm personality and a great presence, attributes which he is learning to use as part of his influencing skills.