Leadership and Self-Deception

by The Arbinger Institute

Leadership and Self-Deception is an outstanding book that endeavors to highlight the subconscious limitations of even the best of leaders through the use of relatable analogies. The authors explain self deception as an unhealthy but common mindset that obscures one from seeing the true source of any problem they encounter, which therefore undermines their approach to solving it. This is what causes someone to be “in the box”, a terminological phrase the authors use to explain the act of being self deceived. This book is structured in a more story like narrative, than a guidebook one, which I believe gives the reader an easier connection to the message as they are following a singular character, Tom, that embodies a vast majority of people in one way or another. I enjoyed this book immensely, because it got through to me. I saw myself as being inside the box, and the anecdotes of Tom helped me see this. There were numerous times where I would read about a situation in which Tom self deceived, and agree with. However, once it was explained how it was an example of self deception, I couldn’t help but see the logic in it, and evaluate myself. I am of the opinion that this book’s message will open anyone’s eyes, especially an aspiring leader. Self deception is incredibly hard to spot in one’s self, but this book aids in guiding you to mastering such an invaluable skill. Personally, I don’t enjoy guidebooks as I feel that they are too vague or unrelatable to my situations, but I would say that this is an exception. I fully recommend Beacon Scholars giving this book a try, and am sure it’s effectiveness will surprise you like it did to me.

Mushabe Rutega

Rating: 5 Recommend