The Power of Habit

by Charles Duhigg

The power of habit effectively describes The Power of Habit. Charles Duhigg dives into the complex process of forming and breaking a habit showing the reader that whether we know it or not our lives are fundamentally ran by habits. Each part of the book centers around a key aspect of habit formation and through case studies, it shows how a single habit can be the fundamental contributor to outcomes in one’s life, an organization or even a movement. As the reader turns the pages it becomes eerily clear the wealth of knowledge being added to one’s life and how to be more in control of it. The book is life changing and implementing even a section of its action plans will go a long way.

Naikena Mutulili 

Rating: 5 Recommend


Ever asked yourself why you do what you do in your life? or how to change certain behaviours that you have? This book has the answers and it goes beyond just your life but can translate into your business. This book was absolutely fantastic. In all honestly it's very rare that you will find me reading a lot of what many would call a self-help book. I usually love fiction or when it comes to true stories, give me a good crime mystery. However, this book was so much more that what I imagine self-help books to be. The power of habits. Why we do what we do. Why people do what they do. It goes beyond the individual to the organizations. Anyone can learn from this book; it is for every occupation and every character. I believe I have a much deeper understanding about who I am because of this book and it has also helped me move forward towards changing the habits I have that I do not like. Of course this doesn't happen overnight but it’s been significant in the process. You would think such a book wouldn't be as interesting or entertaining as a fiction novel. However, I found myself just as hooked when reading the experiments, the backgrounds and experiences. It is definitely a book I would recommend others to read. As a leader this book can help you create systems based on habit to reach the goals of a team as well as the individuals within it and help you work more effectively and efficiently. So worth the read!!!

Shakinar Mutulili

Rating: 4.5 Interesting/Recommend