Performance Monitoring

Beacon Scholar Performance is tracked in three ways:

2016 SAMPLE Target Sheet 21. Target Sheet

  1. At the beginning of each term the School or Away Country Mentor meets with the Beacon Scholar, and specific academic, co-curricular, social influence and citizenship targets are set. These targets are formalised on a Target Sheet and submitted to the Beacon;
  2. Targets are reviewed and accepted by the Beacon;
  3. Each term the Mentors meet Beacon Scholars and discuss performance against target. A record is made on the Target Sheet which is sent to the Beacon at the end of the term. If necessary, new targets are set and previous ones adjusted to reflect ongoing reality;
  4. A copy of the Target Sheet is sent to Beacon Scholar Parents and Home Country Mentors.

2016 BEACON WORKSHOP FEEDBA2. Workshop & Citizenship Project Feedback

  1. Scholars are assessed on key leadership dimensions, and given feedback on their performance at Workshops, and on their summer Citizenship Project;
  2. Videos of Citizenship Project presentations are placed in Beacon Scholar Profiles for review and sharing online.


2016 Evaluation Sample3. Year-end Evaluation

At the end of the academic year, data from Target Sheets, School Reports and Workshop Feedback is compiled and assessed. Performance is scored against a leadership 'rubric', and an Evaluation is prepared, together with suggestions for improvement.

This Evaluation is sent to Scholars and Parents/Guardians/Sponsors with a Continuation Award Letter in August each year.


"The Target Sheet is like a ‘roadmap’ helping me maintain balance and focus, and helps me prioritise what’s important. I can test my ambitions and though not all the Targets I set myself are always achieved, I like the way the framework pushes me to try and do things outside my comfort zone and self-report on my achievements."                                                                                                         Beacon Scholar