Scholars Day - April 2013

On 8 April 2013 the Beacon Scholars came together to share time, opinions and challenges. Gloria Tergat, our newest Beacon Scholar joined us, but sadly Tunde Muriuki was missing as he had travelled to the States to visit his mother. We look forward to hearing his first impressions of Washington DC.

The day began with three teams competing head to head in a treasure hunt. The cryptic clues led them to a series of letters which, when rearranged, spelt out who they were: Beacon Scholars! After a busy hour outside, the scholars next enjoyed pitting their brains against each other in a series of perplexing challenges.

Fluency in Swahili is a problem, we discovered, for some of our scholars... While all the teams created very different and effective games, it was the Phoenix team's game that engaged the whole group in great hilarity and provided an enthusiastic way to build the scholars' Swahili vocabulary. Here are some examples of games we played:

Swahili Code Words

Swahili Matching Game

A power cut thwarted plans to cook Pizza for lunch, but this gave us more time to carefully pot out a Croton tree to take home, and help muck out and feed the animals.

The pre-scholars ended the day playing board games, drawing, chatting and playing together, while the scholars waded into a varied and interesting discussion about morals, ethics and the future of our country.

The teams were judged for collaboration, cooperation, team spirit, and success. It has to be said that all the teams performed well across the board showing leadership, enthusiasm and respect for their teammates.

Thank you to the parents who joined us at the beginning and the end of the day. You are a wonderful group of supportive and engaged parents for your scholars.

IMG 01921

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