Beacon Scholars Wellbeing 3 Seminar - April 2023

The third e-Seminar in 'Seminar Series 3' was held for Senior Beacon Scholars on Saturday 22 April 2023.

To set the scene, there was a short recap on Wellbeing 1 and Wellbeing 2 before exploring the overall theme of this Seminar: the role of defining and managing relationships and its importance and impact on Wellbeing. There was a specific focus on understanding the difference between postive and negative relationships through examples, and how to turn this understanding into positive practices in dealing with others, whether with one-on-one relationships or in a team setting. The Seminar was facilitated through a series of questions and reflections to stimulate discussion and insights, with active use of the Zoom chat throughout. 

Here are a few slides from the presentation:

Selfawareness 2 Types of relationships
Family and friends positive actions 2
Positive practices Relationships career planning

At closing, Scholars were asked what they will commit to doing in the next few months to improve important relationships and create more positive and healthy relationships.