Beacon Scholars Personal Brand Seminar - April 2021

The third and final e-Seminar in the Seminar Series 1 was held for Senior Beacon Scholars on Saturday 17 April 2021. The Seminar was led by trainer Jay Surti and guest speaker Farzana Huysman, a Beacon Scholarship Alumna (Farzana's Beacon Bio).

Personal Branding has become a very important and powerful tool for individuals to build their own brand and proactively market themselves through self-promotion and enhanced networking using online platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and/or other social media platforms.   

Here are a few slides from the presentation, which included two lively Q&A sessions and plenty of exchange of information on the Zoom 'Chat'.

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A "How To" LinkedIn-Tips video (LinkedIn Tips) produced by Jay Surti was also made available after the Seminar to aid the Scholars in creating and enhancing their LinkedIn profiles to help boost their Personal Brand.