Personal Skills e-Workshop - February 2021

The Beacon Personal Skills Workshop was delivered online to both Schools and University Scholars over one day in February 2021, on back-to-back Saturdays. The theme was Public Speaking.

The theory was captured on a video which Scholars viewed in advance of the Workshop. Following an ice-breaker, the first session was spent discussing and ensuring understanding of best practice. To give a flavour, here are some of the slides used:

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Scholars then engaged in a discussion about their Homework - a video of Sir Ken Robinson giving a speech at a TED talk. This was examined for its strengths and weaknesses.

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Scholars were then given an opportunity, in breakout rooms, to deliver 1-minute Impromptu Speeches on unrehearsed topics; each speech was followed by immediate feedback from another scholar - one positive comment, one constructive criticism. Topics included:

    • Should everyone become a vegetarian to save the planet?
    • What is your favourite hobby/sport?
    • Why does diversity in a team matter?
    • Can we survive without the internet and how could we do it?
    • Why is it so important to think about climate change now?

Finally, again in breakout rooms, Scholars delivered 2-minute rehearsed speeches. The speeches were put to a vote, and the two University and Schools Scholars speeches voted the best were the folowing: