The Parents/Guardians/Sponsor must apply annually for the renewal of the Scholarship - not later than the Closing Date for Scholarship Continuation.  

The academic and general progress of the Scholar will be considered, along with their disciplinary record, Parent/Guardian/Sponsor participation, and any other factors which were considered in the initial award of the Scholarship. 

Financial Requirements for Continuation

Parents are expected to furnish details of any material changes to the information supplied in the initial Financial Disclosure when the Scholarship was first awarded to the Scholar.

If there has been a change in financial circumstances or the Scholar is commencing a new stage of education (eg moving from Secondary to Tertiary) a fresh Financial Disclosure will be required. Should parental circumstances have changed significantly the proportion of fees they pay may be adjusted appropriately.

A condition of Continuation is the setting up of an Education Fund for the Scholar, specifically, a bank account to be used for the costs of future education for the Scholar. The account must have in it a minimum balance of the parental share of school fees for the next academic year. A copy of a bank statement showing this minimum balance must accompany the Continuation Application.

Performance Evaluation 

The Beacon Equity Trust will review the progress of Beacon Scholars annually prior to renewal of the Scholarship. This review will take the form of an Evaluation of Performance including Target Sheets, School and University Reports, and Workshop Feedback.


The Beacon EquityTrust reserves the right to withdraw a Beacon Scholarship in the event of:

  1. Repeated failure of the Scholar to achieve key leadership and performance targets;
  2. Failure to supply a bank statement showing an Education Account with minimum required balance;
  3. Failure of Parents/Guardians/Sponsors or Scholars to honour the terms of The Beacon Scholarship. 


docDownload Beacon Scholarship Continuation Application Form

xlsDownload Financial Disclosure - Scholarship Continuation