Audacity of Hope

by Barack Obama

The Audacity of Hope is a book that talks about Barack Obama’s life, from his early experiences as a mixed-race child, raised by a single mother to his political career Barack Obama’s goal seems to be to find commonality amongst all political movements and to find the base ground of issues such as abortion and healthcare services. He also highlights how Americans have more in common than differences. Barack Obama argues that freedom is only guaranteed if power is decentralized and if we all stand together, united, by upholding equal treatment regardless of race, gender or religion. Obama believes in three things: 1. All Americans are united by two main beliefs: freedom and community. 2. Politicians become a lot like the citizens’ sponsors, which makes it very hard for them to do the job that their meant to do. And 3. Today’s international battles are battles of ideas, which cannot be won by use of weapons.

Risper Okello

Rating: 3 Worth Reading