Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

by Gail Honeyman

This is a really good read and I highly recommend it. This book tackles issues such as loneliness, surviving childhood trauma and body image. Honeyman cleverly unravels the culmination of layers which reveal the inner conflict Eleanor experiences as a result of a childhood trauma. The dichotomy between comedy and tragedy elicits a sense of poignancy yet affection we as readers feel towards Eleanor, even though we recognise that she is quite unconventional. Honeyman delineates the significance human interactions have in our daily lives and the power they have to bring about change or misery. Whilst this book is not your average first person narrative, Eleanor’s matter of fact, black and white attitude acts to question the importance of existing societal norms that, upon reflection, you realize do not make sense. Honeyman’s almost seamless, detailed writing compels you to continuously turn the page, as if possessed by the spell of her words. The deceptively ‘normal environment’ she creates almost makes us feel as if we are witnessing real people experience the ups and downs of life. Ultimately, this book was very well written and encourages you to not put it down.

Nicole Jean-Louis

Rating: 5 Recommend



This book follows the story of Eleanor Oliphant who finds issues socialising with other people and who tends to say exactly what she thinks. She lives life according to her perfectly planned timetable that is tailored to avoid socialising and she always spends her weekends eating pizza and perhaps over drinking vodka. However, everything changes when she meets Raymond and another character who all help each other with their collective issue of isolation and their individual social problems. The Book is a wonderful read that is homourous but also has a sense of romance and Drama. The character Eleanor Oliphant is created in a dynamic and clever way that you get attached to her very quickly. The story is dramatic as it deals with childhood drama and relationships but it is delivered in a comical way that it becomes an easy read. Honeyman focuses on trying to show the way humans work and think on a daily basis through the interactions and experiences of Eleanor Oliphant and the other characters in the story. The story touches on many important themes such as alcoholism and dealing with past trauma and these themes are shown through Eleanor’s simplistic view of the world. The book is a very good and easy read and I recommend it for everyone.

Lemuel Mandara

Rating: 4 Interesting