Future Chasers

by Jan Owen

Future Chasers is a book that gives youths insights regarding the lives of a few Australian innovators. Through this book, we get to see how these young innovators on different fields managed to find their ways to the top of the games. We get to learn the kind of discipline they needed to achieve their goals. We get to see how they reacted to common challenges most of us will face in the next 10-15 years. Future Chasers slightly serves as a manual to the next life, helping us relate to the lives of those innovators. I like this book because it goes beyond teaching us about leadership skills. It offers a good insight on what’s like being creative and how you can use the power of your imagination to solve problems around. This book, like many others, helps us connect to the lives of those innovative Australians and learn much more from their stories.

Evance Henrico

Rating: 3 Worth Reading