Liz Okello

2023 photo Liz Okello Large

15 years old, attending Hillcrest International School, Nairobi, Kenya. Liz was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May 2023.

Liz is disciplined, hardworking and academically strong. She is a committed, enthusiastic learner who contributes significantly in class. Prior to joining Hillcrest, Liz scored exceptionally well on her KCPE.

Liz is a talented basketball and netball player and has been awarded gold medals for interschool basketball competitions. She is also a keen swimmer and dancer. She has a long history of representing her school in sports and represented her primary school to national level in swimming. She has also been involved in the MUN debating club.

Liz is always ready to take on leadership positions at school and is currently her Class Representative. Communication, teamwork, and leadership are her strengths; she is popular and her peers trust her to represent them.

Liz is active in many citizenship areas: she mentors children from her village in English by collecting books and newspapers which she takes to them: they read and discuss the articles in English. She also supports Langata Orphanage and has participated in the Nairobi National Park clean-up.


As a new Beacon Scholar, Liz spoke about her service activities to date, including distributing resources and donations to schools in her community.