Ryan Nduma

Ryan Nduma Large17 years old, attending Hillcrest International School, Nairobi. Ryan was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2019.

Ryan has attended Nova Pioneer School in Nairobi, and is finishing his local curriculum (KCSE) studies and exam. He will commence his A-Level studies at Hillcrest in November 2019.

Ryan has strong grades, particularly in Maths and Computer Science, and was awarded 2018 Most All Rounded Student in Academics in Term 1. Ryan is a very keen tennis player: he is in both his school and Kiambu County teams. He also plays football and swims competitively, was Sportsman of the Year in 2018, and has been a Sports Captain. He writes poems and motivational speeches, has addressed the school assembly, and presented creative pieces in Spoken Word Club. He led his group and was awarded Best Speaker at ALAMAU (African Leadership Academy Model African Union) in Johannesburg in 2018, and had the Best Spoken Word Solo Performance at the Kenya Music Festival 2017 Central Region. At school he has led several Clubs: EAMUN (East Africa Model United Nations); TED-Ed Club; Maths Bench; French and Chinese; and took part in SAIMUN (Sub Saharan Africa International Model United Nations) in Nairobi. He is also working with peers and teachers to reduce paper wastage by advocating e-mail and Google Classroom.

Ryan works as Ambassador for the GreenSports Africa programme, and serves in the Youth Service Leadership and Operations team at his church. He has a passion for AI and Cognitive Science. Last year he presented a spoken word poem that built on his urge to help drug addicts; from this, with several others, he built a group and eventually an organization called MARINA which uses AI to seek ways to improve the rehabilitation of drug addicts. He is also currently working on a project to turn old school uniforms and other clothing items into new textiles and clothes for the needy.

Ryan’s mother works for UNICEF Somalia.

Beacon Workshop Participation

RyanAs a new Beacon Scholar, Ryan was invited to speak about a service activity at the Beacon Leadership Symposium 2019. He spoke about how he galvanised a group of friends to recycle old uniforms and unused clothes into new textiles and clothes for the needy.