Dev Gardi

2023 Dev Gardi large16 years old, attending Peponi School, Nairobi, Kenya. Dev was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2020.

A dedicated student with a drive for academic excellence, Dev has continued to work hard and be proactive. He achieved academic success in his AS-level Pure Maths scoring a remarkable 100% in one paper, and was awarded an impressive range of top grades in his IGCSEs.

Talented in both sport and music, Dev represents his school in U19 football, participates in athletics meets for the school including at KAISSO Athletics, and takes part in interhouse football, athletics, dance and music competitions. He likes to organise sports events with friends, plays the piano and achieved a merit in his Grade 3 piano.

Dev remains a high-profile member of the school community: he secured a place on the Student Council and has worked to implement ideas that will make a difference to his peers, including improving the school honour code and reviewing a vaping policy. He is an active member of the EAMUN and participates in interschool conferences, winning an award for best delegate. He further makes a difference by mentoring and supporting other students and scholars.

Dev enjoys a range of Citizenship activities: he supports children at the Ruiri Rehabilitation Centre in various ways, and is running a programme to help the Centre become more self-sustaining, also involving family and friends. He always involves himself with school charity events and volunteered to help with a Chinmaya Mission talk.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Dev's 2023 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about supporting the Ruiru Rehabilitation Centre and the surrounding community to become self-sustaining, through education and practical support including planting and nurturing a range of vegetables. 

At Leadership Workshops, Dev is an active and confident participant, increasingly skilled at sharing his ideas and opinions in larger groups.