Dev Gardi

2021 Dev large14 years old, attending Peponi School, Nairobi. Dev was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2020.

Dev has made a fantastic start to his new school; he has set himself high targets throughout the year and worked hard to achieve them. He has been promoted to first set in Maths, gained very good grades in his mid-term report (mostly As and Bs) and managed to improve on these in his final exams earning a plethora of A* and A grades.

He represented his house in basketball and studied the rules and skills of rugby. He achieved As in music and drama practicals and participated in the choir in an interschool music competition. Dev has practised piano weekly, hoping to sit his Grade 3 soon. He has also begun to cook, practising new recipes at home, and has learned calligraphy.

Dev is well liked among his peers, has supported a friend in need and made new friends by connecting online. He joined Model United Nations (MUN) and was chosen to write a resolution and to be a delegate at the conference. He participated in interhouse debates and joined Young Enterprises to learn business and presentation skills.

He has collected books for New Hope Children’s Home and during his visits he has read stories to the children. Dev has drawn their interest in reading so much so that they were encouraged to read and have discussions about books with him. He has acted as a real Changemaker by getting others involved through collecting stationery, masks and sanitisers for the children.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Dev's 2021 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about introducing children to reading and literature.

At Leadership Workshops, he answers questions well and takes criticism positively. Dev speaks his mind, provides balanced feedback and quality contributions.