Baraka Kahugu

Baraka Photo large13 years old, attending Peponi School, Nairobi, Kenya. Baraka was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2022.

Baraka previously attended Cavina School. He has natural intelligence, absorbs information like a sponge, and has highly original ideas. His favourite subjects are Geography, Sciences, and History.

Baraka has the makings of a good long-distance runner. He plays cricket, hockey, and football competitively in school teams. He also plays golf and participates in athletics. Baraka achieved distinctions in violin Grade 1 and 2 and plays in the school orchestra. Baraka shows promise in drama, taking up leading roles and representing the school in external poetry competitions. He is also a good public speaker.

In his role as Deputy Head Boy at Cavina, Baraka exuded natural authority and leadership. He is poised and self-possessed, displaying maturity beyond his years and earning respect and confidence from others; he is able to intervene in arguments among his peers, and bring them to order. He is polite and can be trusted to get the job done.

He visits children’s homes with his family and donates food, toys, and clothing. He has always been involved in school fundraising activities and came up with his own idea to walk 20km every holiday to raise money for children with cancer. Last year he completed a 20km solo circuit of Karura Forest, raising KSH 200,000 for Faraja Cancer Support; he is liaising with the Faraja team to visit the oncology ward at Kenyatta National Hospital, and is inspiring others to join his future walks.

Beacon Workshop Participation 

As a new Beacon Scholar, Baraka shared his service activities to date and his support for cancer charieties.