Baraka Kahugu

2023 Baraka Kahugu large

14 years old, attending Peponi School, Nairobi, Kenya. Baraka was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2022.

Baraka is proving to be an outstanding Beacon Scholar. His academic grades of mostly As and good effort scores reflect his commitment to high academic standards. He is the recipient of academic prizes for six separate subjects and received the Head Teacher's prize for his year group. In a World Scholars' Tournament, he was also awarded 9 medals and one individual trophy.

Baraka is active in several sports, representing the school in the U15 basketball team and playing football with the second U15 team. He has recently started playing rugby and has represented the school in the golf team. He enjoys drama and took the lead role of Macbeth in the school play, is working towards his Grade 5 violin, and performs with the school orchestra and string ensemble.

Baraka gets involved in activities such as The President's Award expeditions and has achieved his Bronze Award. He takes various leadership roles within school such as props manager for an interhouse dance competition, and has now been voted onto the School Council. He attends MSMUN conferences and was awarded best delegate from the ecology committee. He also represented his House in a debating competition, qualifying to the finals.

Baraka’s Citizenship activities include participating and organising fundraising walks for children with cancer, supporting his tutor group's charitable work, and he also supports a nearby Children's Home, donating books and toys and socialising with the children.

Beacon Workshop Participation 

Baraka's 2023 Summer Citizenship Project focused on working with children with cancer. 

In Leadership Workshops, Baraka is exemplary in his participation, good at questioning and giving feedback, and is a reliable team player.