Malcolm Kazimil

Malcolm Large16 years old, attending UWC East Africa, Moshi. Malcolm was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2019. 

Malcolm previously attended Feza Boys Secondary School. He has had all A grades on his report for the last 2 years, and has been in the top 3 in his class from Yr 8. He was Student of the Month in January 2018, and has been awarded an Amnet Certificate in Maths. His favourite subjects are Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Geography.

Malcolm does football, athletics (running), tennis and swimming competitively. He was the Class Team Captain in football and helps coach the football team in his spare time. He enjoys debating, and participated in the Global Talent Search Exam in Maths and Science 2017. He also holds a Certificate for ‘Best Wiggle Dancer’!

Malcolm has been a Class Monitor and was nominated for the post of Vice President last year. He encourages fellow students by teaching them in subjects such as Maths and Physics if they’re struggling. He coaches street teams in football, and is active in the local Catholic Church community.

Beacon Workshop Participation


As a new Beacon Scholar, Malcom was invited to speak about a service activity at the Beacon Leadership Symposium 2019. He spoke about tutoring fellow students in Physics, Maths and Chemistry.