Collins Mgomella

Collins Large15 years old, attending St. Constantine's International School, Arusha. Collins was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2018.

When Collins started the 2018/19 academic year he had some catching up to do and he worked hard to achieve this. He was awarded mainly A's and B's in his end of term attainment and effort grades. He is an intelligent, well-behaved pupil with a positive attitude.

Collins has represented his school in the U15 basketball team and has also been an integral member of the U15 rugby team. He has taken his Grade 3 ABRSM Violin exam, has performed to the school and played in the Music on the Lawn event. He took part in the Round Square Cluster meeting at ISK and in their Activity Week. He has assisted with Junior Prep and encouraged his peers to join him. He helped a group of Yr 9 pupils with understanding their Science prior to their exams. He took part in a one day Young Leaders Workshop at East African Community HQ Arusha, and went on a work experience week at Nelson Mandela University Science and Technology Department.

With the Student Council, Collins visited a Care Home for the disabled. He worked in the school assisting in school and community events. He helped with the Arusha Masters Swimming Gala and joined the elective that supports and provides help for teachers, leading class activities and hearing reading.

Collin's father is an epidemiologist working in Development and his mother is a medical doctor.

Beacon Workshop Participation

For his 2019 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project Collins focused on the reduction of plastic straws in Dar Es Salaam.

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At Leadership Workshops, Collins is positive, interactive, articulate and an enthusiastic contributor. He has good diction and body language.