Collins Mgomella

Collins Mgomella large18 years old, attending the University of Surrey, UK. Collins was awarded a Beacon Scholarship for University in June 2022, and a Beacon Scholarship for Schools in 2018.

Collins is studying towards a BSc in Biochemistry with a professional training year. Prior to that, he was at St Constantine’s International School in Tanzania.

During his time at school, Collins was involved in many extra-curricular activities: he played the violin, played touch rugby and was very active with school drama productions. Collins always maintained a high profile at school and contributed positively to many school events. He took various leadership roles whilst at St Constantine’s, his final one being the Student Council Environmental Group leader.

Collins is passionate about green issues and has championed a more environmentally-friendly approach to plastic use and disposal. He also supports charities within the community, setting up food-drives for local centres and generally supporting the work they do.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Collins’ 2022 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about working with young and pre-teen children in an orphanage in Dar Es Salaam, in order to provide social and educational support.

In Leadership Workshops, Collins’ contributions are excellent: he’s a pleasure to listen to and has made real progress across all areas. He’s an engaging, creative speaker who speaks with passion.