Kushaan Raja

2023 Passport photo Kushaan Raja large15 years old, attending St Constantine's International School, Arusha, Tanzania. Kushaan was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May 2023.

Kushaan is one of the highest achieving students in his year group. He is a passionate mathematician and has been commended for his high achievement in maths; he has also been awarded his DELF A2 Diploma in French Studies.

Kushaan is an active sportsman and has represented his school in cricket, basketball, football and tennis; he also plays the piano and takes part in drama productions. A keen debater, he is involved with MUN and has achieved first place in MUN debates. Outside of school, he enjoys chess and golf. 

Kushaan has always been active in Student Council and leadership positions, holding at different times the positions of Student Council Vice-Chair, KS3 Head of House and Deputy Head of the Service Council.  He is a confident and well-respected student, liked by staff and peers, and seen as someone who is always ready to lead.

Kushaan enjoys community service.  He has walked for diabetes; collected clothes and stationery for a local school; organised a book drive for a secondary school; raised funds for wheelchairs and is constantly on the lookout to do more.


 As a new Beacon Scholar, Kushaan spoke about his service activities to date, in particular his involvement with food drives and volunteering with a local hospital.