Risper Okello

Risper Photo new Large16 years old, attending Hillcrest School Nairobi, Kenya. Risper was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2020.

Risper sets high targets for herself, is self-motivated and has worked extremely hard, achieving all A* or A in her iGCSE results. She was also awarded a Certificate of Recognition for being the only student to engage in debate from the floor this year.

An accomplished debater, she participated in three preliminary rounds of an interschool debate tournament, making it to the final round. She has improved her basketball skills and joined the school A team. She learnt to play piano online, and used Masterclass to learn how to make different kinds of pastries; she also learnt how to knit hats and socks.

Risper has improved in confidence this year at public speaking and leading projects. She commands respect from peers and has organised zoom meetings and held sessions with them to give tips on self-confidence, on the dangers of drugs, and on how to handle exam pressure, discussing revision techniques and tutoring them in subjects where she is strong.

She collected various learning materials and donated them to Children’s Homes in Langata, Nairobi and in her up-country home, Rusinga Island. She visited the Homes, tutored the children and talked about the dangers of drugs and how to keep safe. Together with friends, she has taken part in weekly plastics collections in her community.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Risper's 2021 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about mentoring girls at the Paradise Community Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

In Leadership Workshops, she is positive, confident and a good contributor. Risper listens, gives critical feedback and takes criticism well. She has improved both her body language and her voice in her presentations this year.