Ebenezer Laltaika

2022 Ebenezer Laltaika Photo large14 years old, attending UWC East Africa, Arusha, Tanzania. Ebenezer was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2021.

Eben has transitioned very successfully into the IB system. He is noted as a committed, curious and high-attaining learner who always wants to know how he can improve further. His grades have been mostly 6s & 7s this year.

Eben is an accomplished and respected sportsman who has achieved in football, basketball, swimming and athletics events. In addition, he has shown a desire to develop his skills further by setting himself the challenge of learning new sports (ultimate frisbee & volleyball). He made a proactive start at UWCEA by writing a letter introducing himself to staff as a new Beacon Scholar – a great launch for his personal brand journey. He has shown leadership at school by coaching the U9 football and swim teams and is starting to be a Changemaker by reaching out to local children to help them focus on their education.

Eben has initiated rubbish collections in local communities and has also used these drives to educate people about the importance of maintaining clean environments for their own wellbeing and prosperity. He also initiated a book drive to provide local school children with books and stationery.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Eben’s 2022 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about educating and motivating disadvantaged Maasai pastoralist children, in Meserani (Arusha) from ages 6-17.

In Leadership Workshops, Eben is a very successful participant and is noted for the quality of his contributions and presentations – even more so given this was his first year as a Beacon Scholar.