Darren Mong'are

Darren Mongare large13 years old, attending St. Andrew's School, Turi, Kenya. Darren was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2022.

Darren previously attended Cavina School where his favourite subjects were Maths (top of year group), History, English, and Latin. He is very determined and focussed, with excellent effort grades and a burning desire to succeed.

Darren plays five instruments: Grade 5 Distinction oboe; Grade 6 Pass trumpet; Grade 5 Distinction piano; Grade 5 Distinction descant recorder; Grade 5 Merit treble recorder; and Grade 5 Pass in music theory. He played ‘Last Post’ on trumpet on Remembrance Day and is a member of the school orchestra. Darren is also an athlete with several gold medals and was awarded Victor Ludorum 2021 on Sports Day for being the best athlete in school. He also plays cricket, football, hockey, and swims competitively.

As Head Boy at Cavina, Darren was described as dependable, mature, leading by example, inspiring others to emulate his sheer determination to succeed, and working with other Prefects to support teachers. His enthusiasm for life is infectious and he helps to lift the morale and performance of those around him; peers like and listen to him.

He is heavily involved in community activities and has a pronounced sense of obligation to those less fortunate. For two years he has been teaching music theory and recorder in a charity school every Saturday. At Cavina, he helped classmates with Maths in group revision. He also takes part in hikes for charity, recently a 15km hike at Eburru Forest.

Beacon Workshop Participation 

As a new Beacon Scholar, Darren shared his service activities to date, in particular how he has taught music to children from a charity school near to his home.