Megan Kamau

2022 Megan large13 years old, attending St. Andrew's School, Turi, Kenya. Megan was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2021.

Megan continues her studies at St Andrew’s School, Turi where she is a strong academic performer with a very positive learning attitude. She works diligently, takes initiative, and achieves set goals with minimum supervision. Megan has excelled in English and performed outstanding work in Maths. She is a model student in Science and French.

Megan is a key and committed member of the school choir, and has also achieved guitar grade 3 Merit. She participates enthusiastically in sports and is a keen swimmer who has swum in National Level competitions.

Megan was appointed School Prefect in Year 8. Other leadership roles have included Deputy Dorm Captain and Member of School Council. She has presented a self-written speech to an audience of 500, and spoken in Chapel to motivate students on positive attitude.

Megan undertook Turi’s Passion Project in Year 7 which brought positive change for many people around where she lives and beyond. She also took part in School charity projects. She visits and helps at New Life home during the holidays and also helps in estate cleaning activities. Megan has been working on a project on information sharing to adolescents by creating and distributing pamphlets on the dangers of social media.

Beacon Workshop Participation

As a new Beacon Scholar, Megan spoke about her service activities. During the lockdown, she created an e-card business and sold her products to family and friends in order to raise funds to support a family that been struggling financially.