Megan Kamau

2023 Megan Kamau large15 years old, attending St. Andrew's School, Turi, Kenya. Megan was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2021.

Megan is an extremely successful student who demonstrates organisation, determination and unwavering focus in her studies. She achieves 8s and 9s across her IGCSE subjects. Thanks to a successful entry into an essay competition, Megan was awarded a funded scholarship to attend a Law summer school at Queen's College Cambridge, UK.

Megan is a talented all-rounder in her co-curricular activities: she represents her house in cross-country and was voted Swimming Captain for one competition. A keen musician, she plays the violin and guitar and is an active LAMDA student. She is also a keen debater, active in the MUN and enjoying a good deal of success convincing the floor to vote for her motion in the MUN conference.

Megan is active in her school community: she is an elected Student Council Rep, and invests a significant amount of her own time to address and resolve issues which have a real impact on the everyday school experience of her peers. She enjoys organising school events, including several year group bonding experiences, and supports younger students by mentoring year 9s as they transition to the senior school.

Megan enjoys a range of citizenship activities and continues to support the Moses and Mary School in many practical, meaningful ways. Her summer project work is focused on empowering girls at the Mukuru Community Centre Primary School. She is very aware of environmental issues, is regularly involved with clean-ups and planting projects, and is currently leading a bee-keeping project at school.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Megan’s 2023 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project focused on empowering girls at Mukuru Community Centre by teaching them goal setting using SMART techniques, encouraging them to achieve the best versions of themselves. 

In Leadership Workshops, Megan uses what she has learned to benefit herself and others. Her creativity brings fun and engagement to team activities and helps progress her team’s ideas to fruition.