Lemuel Mandara

Lem Large15 years old, attending Shrewsbury School, UK. Lem was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in August, 2011.

Lem is a capable, conscientious student, who participates well in class and has grown in confidence throughout the year. He did well in his exams, getting 7s for nearly all subjects and obtaining the top mark for his year in Biology. All his effort grades are Excellent or Good.

Lem passed Grade 4 Saxophone and plays in the Concert Band, performing a solo at the Junior Concert. He came 3rd in the Junior Wind prize. He was in the house play, and in the house debating team, winning Best Speaker on 2 occasions. He attended an MUN Conference. He was in the U15 A hockey team, the C Cricket team and the D Football team. He is a reliable, polite and popular boy, who is always positive, helpful and can be relied upon to be an asset to his house. He helped the new 3rd form boys settle in and still keeps an eye on them. He was awarded a house award: Ingramite of the fortnight for his contribution to MUN and for generally being a helpful person.

Lem has started an African Prisons Support Group at school, using social media and flyers to inform people. He has tried to raise awareness of Africa in his school by talking about Tanzania and Kenya, both in lessons and in his house. He gave a 10-minute talk to his house on Water Awareness and took part in school fundraising events.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Lem's 2019 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about working with the African Prisons Project to better understand the plight of prisoners.

Click here to view his Presentation Slides.


At Leadership Workshops, Lem is assertive and mature, listening well and making insightful comments; he has good interpersonal skills. Lem’s Citizenship Project presentation was well researched, made a good use of social media and was confidently presented.