Nureen Bindo

2023 Nureen Bindo large14 years old, attending St. Constantine's International School, Arusha, Tanzania. Nureen was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2022.

Nureen is a hardworking student who achieves the highest grades across all subjects. She has attained particularly well in maths, following the fast-track Maths IGCSE and attaining her Bronze Award in the International UKMT Maths Challenge.

Nureen plays football and netball and represents the school in both these U15 teams.  She enjoys drama and was involved in the school play, with numerous roles both on and off stage.  She has written two short stories and produced several high-quality pieces of artwork, one of which she sold during her school Book Week.

Nureen is an active member of her school community: a member of the school Boarding and Environmentalism Councils, she is responsible for the boarding newsletter, and plans and helps with activities for boarders.  She also planned a Book Week and Art exhibition and was a Baraza Leader at the school's Round Square Conference in India.  She is the Deputy Head of Service for the Student Government.

Nureen participates in a range of Citizenship activities – she organised and ran a book swap event during Book Week and volunteered for the school’s annual fun day.  Having a keen interest in the environment, she organises and participates in events such as seed planting and bike rides through nature. She is also involved with a project working with an NGO that builds homes and supports marginalised groups with their living conditions.

Beacon Workshop Participation  

Nureen's 2023 Beacon Summer Citizenship Project supported and volunteered with TAWAH - Tanzanian Woman Architects for Humanity - an NGO that supports threatened groups by building them moderate spaces to live in. 

In Leadership Workshops, Nureen is happy to put herself forward for tasks on behalf of her group and knows how to use her strengths to help the team meet its objectives.