Davida Ruharo

Davida Ruharo large19 years old, attending Cardiff University, UK. Davida was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2022.

Davida is studying towards a BSc in Biological Sciences. Prior to that, she was at Kampala International School Uganda (KISU). She has had a gap year since graduating from KISU, during which time she interned at Biotechnology Lab – MUARIK, located at Makerere University Centre for Crop Research and Improvement.

Davida is a keen sportswoman: a member of the junior national swim team for 4 years and former record holder; and has represented her school at swimming, cross-country, volleyball and athletics. She has performed in several concerts with the school band and has enjoyed her involvement in school drama productions.

She has been noticed as a natural leader and an excellent orator. She was House Captain and a leading member of the school MUN. She is vocal about causes close to her heart and has collaborated with ‘Girls Against Oppression’ (GAO), researching and writing about topics such as endometriosis, with some of her pieces reaching 6000 views and 300 comments. She has also researched and written for ‘No White Saviours’, a pan-African organisation, on topics such as the ‘Nigerian Women’s War of 1929’.

Davida is an active and engaged citizen. Concerned about shortages in national blood banks, she organised KISU’s first blood drive in 2018 with a classmate, and 200 units of blood were donated. She has fundraised with GAO for victims of gender-based violence and for the ‘Help Rebuild South Africa’ campaign. Finally, she was the President of a school committee which raised 3 million shillings for an orphanage school in Year 12. 

Beacon Workshop Participation

 As a new Beacon Scholar, Davida spoke about her current service activities and being nominated Fundraising Head for her school to help raise money for a nearby orphanage.