Serenae Nyaboke Angima

2023 Passport photo Serenae large13 years old, attending International School of Kenya, Nairobi. Serenae was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May 2023.

Serenae previously attended Kenton College, where she was regarded as a high-achieving, hardworking and conscientious student, actively contributing to all class discussions.

Serenae is active in all sports and has represented her school very successfully, regularly achieving 1st place in cross-country competitions, representing the school in International School Athletic Championships, part of the 1st cricket team and representing the school in tennis tournaments. She also plays the violin, has passed her Grade 3 piano exam and was a member of the orchestra and choir. She always takes part in the Science Fair and enjoys drama.

Serenae has been a Prefect and Form Representative to the Student Council; she acts as an usher with her church and supports other children to join her in this role. At school, she has been an outstanding ‘digital leader’, guiding staff and students on the latest IT developments. She sees herself as an influencer amongst her peers.

Serenae supports a nearby Children's Home by providing clothes and food and has always been fully involved with her school’s charity activities, including Christmas shoe box appeals and food drives.


As a new Beacon Scholar, Serenae spoke about her service projects to date, including her connection with a children's home in her community and how she has supported them with resources and visits.